2636. Shark attack
© Bruce Goodman 12 February 2023

Sharon was beside herself with intense emotion. She and her friend, Amanda, had been out in the bay swimming with dolphins. Suddenly a couple of sharks appeared and attacked Amanda. The water turned red with blood. The sharks went into a feeding frenzy. Sharon swam to safety. Yes! Of course she was terrified, but once she had reached the safety of land the real truth began to sink in. Amanda had “stolen” her boyfriend, Johnny. She had grown to hate Amanda, and now after this “tragedy” Sharon might be able to get back into the arms of Johnny. It was a shock, but a hopeful relief nonetheless.

There was little trace of Amanda; only half a foot (presumably hers) and most of the head. It was a catastrophic calamity.

When she reached shore Sharon rushed to the life-saving tower which was being manned by Johnny. It was Johnny who had sent Sharon and Amanda out to swim with the dolphins.

“It’ll be safe as houses,” he had said to them both, “and a lot of fun. There seems to be no one else on the beach today.” When Sharon appeared he was horrified. “The sharks got Amanda and didn’t touch you?” he asked in amazement. That kind of put a damper on his plans for the evening. He had hoped to go out on a date with Samantha, without having Sharon and Amanda hanging around. Now he had to hang around himself and pretend to be upset.

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