2699. A true story
© Bruce Goodman 19 April 2023

Frank was into reading. Especially novels. Especially science fiction and horror. How exciting it was if he got science fiction and horror under the same cover! And that was exactly what he was reading now: “Don’t Scratch the Surface” by Theodore Schoenberg.

The main character in the book was born in the same little town as Frank. In the same year. On the same day. The main character’s parents were space aliens, and of course, Frank’s parents were not. Frank went to the same school as the main character. He had the same likes and dislikes.

And then Frank turned the page. These horrible alien parents were creeping up behind the main character. They were drooling at the mouth. They carried clubs and machetes. They made a thrice dead zombie look like a nursery rhyme. Frank was spellbound.

He turned the page.

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