2561. A true story for Halloween
© Bruce Goodman 31 October 2022

Conor was invited by Jordan, his brother, and Jordan’s friend, Everett, to go on a fishing trip with them out to sea. They would stay on an uninhabited island overnight. They brought along a tent and some supplies. The island was several miles from the mainland. It used to be used in the old days to house prisoners. Many a criminal had died on the island. In fact, there was a story – not true of course – that at night if you heard an owl screech rather than hoot, you would hear the rattle of prisoners’ chains as they began their nightly and murderous prowls.

The three lads did a bit of fishing, caught a couple of fish, and then moored on the island to set up camp. It didn’t take long; modern day tents are easy things to install.

The time came for the fish to be cooked for dinner. There was plenty of wood about, but oh dear! they had forgotten to bring any matches. Jordan and Everett volunteered to go to the mainland and return with matches. It should take only about an hour. They left. A little later a storm came up. Conor knew his brother and friend wouldn’t return in a rough sea. It was beginning to get dark and there was no food or light. There was nothing for it than to go to bed early.

Conor snuggled down in his sleeping bag. That was when he heard an owl screech. Was that a shape at the entrance to his tent?

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