2556. Fish guts
© Bruce Goodman 26 October 2022

Thank you for your brilliant article on how to gut a fish. For years now I’ve been a fishing enthusiast, but I always leave the fish in the fridge for my husband to gut when he comes home, and then we can enjoy a lovely fish dinner. But now I’m single - again - so your article was timely.

I’ve always been a little embarrassed to ask how to gut a fish. First of all it seems a ruthless business and terribly yucky. Secondly it’s one of those topics one doesn’t really talk about. Did I ever tell you about how I gutted a fish? So your article was wonderful because it tackled the activity head on, taboo or not.

I’ve been practising. The yuckiest, and to me scariest, bit is actually slitting the fish open in the first place. I’m becoming quite immune to it. I’ve taken all my now-grown children’s soft toys, and using the kitchen carving knife, I’ve slit each open and removed the stuffing. It works brilliantly, and now I almost feel confident enough to try it on a real fish. The trouble is that I’ve run out of stuffed toys and I really need to perfect my technique.

Next Thursday I’m going fishing with Madison. She has a goldfish pond. I suggested we meet at her house first.

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