2548. Scales of justice
© Bruce Goodman 18 October 2022

Flora’s kitchen scales were annoying. One of the rubber feet, sometimes two, would fall off the bottom of the scales and then the scales would wobble. There was only one thing for it; Flora would have to use some superglue. She had put it off for long enough. The reality was that she hated using superglue because it almost inevitably got on the fingers and the fingers would get stuck together! She would be careful!

Flora turned the kitchen scales face down on the kitchen bench. She pulled out the two loose rubber buttons that acted as feet. She put a big drop of super glue into both holes and carefully positioned the rubber buttons back into the holes. Success! The best way to apply a little pressure until the glue sets was to turn the kitchen scales back up the right way.

And that is why these days Flora permanently has her kitchen scales glued slap-bang in the middle of her kitchen bench.

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