2540. Mallet murder with malice
© Bruce Goodman 10 October 2022

The most annoying thing for Charlie was that he botched things up when he tried to murder his wife, Maria. The mallet intended for her cranium mis-hit and caused serious, but not terminal, concussion. Charlie was arrested and put in prison.

Meanwhile, fully-recovered Maria concocted things so that Charlie didn’t know where she was. “This is great,” thought Charlie. “I’ll be a free man once I am a free man.” In the seven years that had elapsed Maria had found herself another partner and they had moved far away to another part of the country altogether.

When Charlie was eventually released the first thing he did was marry the woman who had been visiting him regularly on behalf of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society. This was the moment Maria had been waiting for.

She accused him of bigamy. It didn’t stick. No one these days cared too much about that. The only repercussion was that Charlie now knew where Maria lived. This time the mallet didn’t miss its mark.

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