2532. The power of flowers
© Bruce Goodman 2 October 2022

Jacob seemed a nice enough sort of guy. Caroline’s parents seemed happy that she was going out with him, and for a while Caroline was very happy too. Then things began to turn sour.

At first it was just little things, but the little things grew aplenty and now there were little and big things. Caroline started to resent Jacob. She thought she actually might hate him. She didn’t even like being in the same room as him.

Caroline’s parents were very open about it, although they did say to Caroline that he was ä very nice boy and “you couldn’t really find better than that.” However, Caroline called the whole thing off.

“It’s over,” she said to Jacob. “Finished. Caput.”

Jacob was devastated. He sent Caroline a big bunch of flowers from the florist. It must have cost a packet. They melted Caroline’s heart. The scent was beautiful. Perhaps he wasn’t such a bad fellow after all. Caroline thought she should maybe give him another go.

Caroline sniffed the flowers. The bunch exploded in her face.

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