2566. Corvette covetousness
© Bruce Goodman 6 November 2022

Elias dumped his wife’s murdered copse in the river while on the way to inform the police that his wife had gone missing.

It was mid-afternoon. His wife had been to town in the morning doing this and that. She had taken the Corvette, which was Elias’s pride and joy. When he had bought it the advertisement described it as “The eighth-generation Corvette, bold and breath-taking; a beautifully sculpted mid-engine sports car with potent aerodynamics, slicing the air with sheer precision.” Many a time had Elias warned her not to take the Corvette but to take her Buick. But oh no! The Corvette turned many a head; the Corvette made a big splash – especially when Lily drove it over the bank on the way home and into the river.

Thank goodness she was safe, but the car was totally submerged. Elias was not pleased when she walked into the house dripping wet and announced that the Corvette was now in the river.

That was when Elias saw red, and in his rage murdered Lily with the frying pan he was holding. He had to use the Buick to dump her body in the river. There was nothing to say she wasn’t thrown from the Corvette, whacked her head on a rock, and drowned.

In the end that was exactly what the forensic pathologist concluded.

The whole unwholesome affair has had one big drawback; in the days around the ensuing funeral Elias has to drive around in Lily’s crummy Buick.

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