2433. Frith
© Bruce Goodman 21 May 2022

Frith had a lovely name. She was named after the character in Paul Gallico’s The Snow Goose. The snow goose had flown back from the war in Europe to Frith in England, standing on the sea wall waiting. The parents of Frith in real life loved the story, which is why they named their daughter that.

The trouble was that Frith (in real life) had a lisp. To make matters worse, she had ginger, frizzy hair and her nickname was Frizz. Whenever anyone called her Frizz she thought they were making fun of her lisp; and whenever anyone called her Frith she thought they were making fun of her lisp.

There was only one thing for it. Her parents changed her name. Now she could be happy. Cecilia was a lovely name.

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