2422. Oblivious to all
© Bruce Goodman 9 May 2022

Alexander was in a brown study.

Zelma asked why his study was brown, and Conway said, no, I mean he was in a brown study.

Helene couldn’t understand it either. A brown study surely was a bit boring. You’d think he would’ve painted it with a bit of colour or even white. But brown! Goodness!

Conway said, no! no! no! By brown study I meant he was away with the fairies.

Oh! said Benita. There’s nothing wrong with that. These days it pays to be open and if he’s away with the fairies that’s okay by me.

No! no! no! no! no! said Conway. He’s out to lunch. He’s building castles in the air.

He’s what? exclaimed Helene. When I last saw him he was in his own little world like he usually is.

That’s what I’ve been saying, said Conway. You’ve all been asleep at the wheel.

Speak proper English, said Benita, instead of speaking through a hole in the head.

A hole in the head? pondered Zelma going into a brown study.

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