2416. Very pretty
© Bruce Goodman 3 May 2022

Even though it was pretty hard to swallow it was still pretty good. I’d said to Madison earlier that she looked pretty awful. She was not a pretty sight. She should pretty herself up a bit. So she did that and was pretty as a picture.

“Now you’ve got nothing to worry your pretty little head about,” I said. But she said she was in a pretty pickle because the lead male actor was a bit of a pretty boy and tonight’s performance was pretty much a pretty tough kettle of fish.

I said to remember that she was not just a pretty face. She had learnt pretty early in life that happiness cost a pretty penny and you had to work hard if you wanted to be sitting pretty in life.

Madison agreed and said even though it was a pretty state of affairs things had reached a pretty pass. It was pretty is as pretty does.

So we took a pretty expensive taxi to the theatre and she gave a pretty good performance but the pretty boy was pretty bloody awful. In fact he was pretty pathetic – as is this story.

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