2387. Let this be a lesson
© Bruce Goodman 26 March 2022

Cindy had an old-fashioned doll. Its eyelids would close when it was laid down to sleep. Its eyelids would open when it sat up.

Cindy was at school, and before going had given specific instructions to her mother. The mother was to look after the doll while Cindy was away. Cindy’s mother took the doll and placed it on the kitchen table while she began to make a cake. “Stay there and behave,” said Cindy’s mother. She then left the house to shop for several missing ingredients.

Those of you who have had a doll will know just how demanding they can be. They do not like being left alone. No sooner had Cindy’s mother left the house then the doll got up off the table and threw all sorts of unsuitable ingredients into the cake mixture. She was a naughty, selfish doll.

When Cindy’s mother came home she noticed instantly that the cake mixture had been tampered with. Cindy’s mother was not born yesterday. She grabbed the doll and threw it into the pre-heated oven at 200 degrees Celsius.

Let this be a lesson to all of you.

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