2378. A novel approach
© Bruce Goodman 17 March 2022

When Heidi finished writing her novel and sent it to a publisher she had little idea that it would end up getting her a string of honorary doctorates from a dozen or so prestigious universities. She even suspected she had been nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature but it is cloaked in secrecy so one can’t be sure.

One would think with such accolades that it would have gone to her head. But no! She remained humble amidst all this adulation. Her public readings at various libraries around the country were well attended. She put such passion into speaking the written word.

People asked her constantly when was she going to write a second novel but she always answered in a vague, although kindly, manner. No second novel ever appeared during her lifetime.

Not long after her death her highly talented daughter died. She had starved to death, having been locked up in the basement for most of her life. When a finished manuscript to a novel was discovered among the daughter’s belongings it was published under her mother’s name because it was good for sales.

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