2454. Not for sale
© Bruce Goodman 11 June 2022

This story goes with the picture, so if you haven’t got a picture you won’t know what I’m trying to say.

This is a photo of my vehicle. I’m very proud of it and enjoy using it. The other day I was at the service station to put air in the tires and a mechanic came straight up to me and asked if I wanted to sell it. I said I wasn’t keen to sell it because they weren’t that easy to come by these days and I use it for collecting firewood and stuff.

He said he’d offer a good price, but I said I’d like the money but I don’t want to freeze my butt off in winter. So it’s not for sale. He didn’t seem to mind that much, and in fact helped me to put air in the tires.

I said to him that I didn’t have a clue what pressure the air should be in the tires but he seemed to know. He said it wasn’t uncommon for people to come in and get air for the tires for similar things. I couldn’t help but think if there were so many “similar” vehicles why on earth was he that keen to buy mine?

Incidentally the ugly white pick-up belongs to a friend of mine. Mine is the cute little red one to the right.

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