2321. Running on a tight budget
© Bruce Goodman 7 January 2022

Natalia ran on a very tight budget. After she had paid the rent, the electricity, the internet, the phone, and access to the television channel she liked to watch, there was only a tiny bit left for food. Once in a while, like on her 76th birthday, she would give herself a treat. For example, this time she bought a couple of donuts instead of a loaf of bread.

Then something exciting happened. Her neighbours went away for a few days and Natalia offered to feed their cat. When the neighbours returned they offered Natalia ten dollars. “Don’t be silly,” said Natalia; but the neighbours insisted.

Well! What a windfall! This was Natalia’s chance to buy that big bag of candy for the cupboard for when her grandchildren visited. And it only cost $9.90! Off she went to shop!

While shopping she spied a lovely knitted foot warmer – just a big pair of cosy socks really. “It’s just what the doctor ordered,” thought Natalia. “I shall give myself a little treat! And it’s only $8.50!”

Shortly she spied an irresistible coffee cake priced for a quick sale. It was only $7.25! “I shall give myself a little treat with the $10 I was given!”

It’s not that Natalia was bad at arithmetic; it’s just that she…

Natalia sighed. She would cut down on using hot water for the rest of the month and carefully cook on the stove only when absolutely necessary. Hopefully that should at least partly cover things.

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