2353. Inseparable Wanda and Wally
© Bruce Goodman 11 February 2022

Wanda and Wally were inseparable. One would never be seen without the other. They were almost as attached to Rowena as they were to each other. Often when Wanda and Wally passed by, Rowena was never far behind.

Rowena was the village extrovert. No party was complete without Rowena. No, she wasn’t an “over the top extrovert” but she added a lovely lustre to any function. That was why Christina invited Rowena for a coffee when Christina’s dear cousin and her cousin’s boyfriend came to visit. “And what about bringing a couple of friends? The more the merrier.”

“I would like you to meet,” declared Christina when Rowena arrived along with Wanda and Wally, “I would like you to meet my dear cousin and her boyfriend from the city, Wanda and Wally.”

“Oh what gorgeous miniature poodles,” crooned Christina’s cousin to Rowena. “What are their names?”

“Ah, Um.” said Rowena not daring to say they had the same names as the guests. “Patsy and Fred.”

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