2349. To catch a thief
© Bruce Goodman 7 February 2022

Dean was an experienced burglar, so it was a bit of a shock, when he broke into his friend’s house for a fourth time, to be met by something he didn’t expect. Arnie had been an old school friend years back. Occasionally Dean and Arnie would accidentally meet up in a pub and buy one another a drink. That was it. But Arnie would also blurb on about how he travelled with his wife here and there. So Dean the burglar had a good idea when Arnie’s house would be available for plundering.

This time it was different. Arnie and his wife had gone for several weeks’ vacation to Majorca. This would give Dean plenty of time to causally select the items that would fetch the best price online.

Dean broke into their house the day after they left for Majorca. In fact he was still there when they returned; locked in a cage trap that Arnie had set up to catch a thief. The trap must have cost a pretty penny.

Arnie was so angry with the thief being Dean that he and his wife turned around and set off for a month’s vacation in the Bahamas.

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