2397. The chosen one
© Bruce Goodman 13 April 2022

I really didn’t expect to be chosen. Yippee! It feels like I have been sitting here for an eternity. At last it’s my turn perhaps to shine.

All the others have missed out; at least this time. Of course many of them were chosen previously and I was left - in the dark so to speak. Well, now it’s my turn and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.

Being chosen certainly does wonders for ones self-esteem. There’s nothing worse than been told (at least by being passed over constantly) that one is a wallflower. Not anymore! I’m off! The memory of this business of being chosen will brighten the dullest of my future days.

It can be utterly demoralizing sitting in a cupboard week after week waiting to be the next teacup selected.

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