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Benjamin: Who's up now?

Eddie: Ada and May Coffin. Sisters.(To Gertrude) Are you ready for the gamble?

Gertrude: I heard of them. These are the two that stole the right glove of a man.

Titus: Thomas Turner.

Gertrude: And they rubbed it on the back of their cat.

Eddie: Their spirit, Rutterkin.

Gertrude: And they put the cat into boiling water, and pricked it and buried it in the garden.

Benjamin: And often the cat would leap on their shoulders, they say, and suck blood.

Titus: What? After it was buried and boiled?

Gertrude: Witches. I hope they're not going to drink in here.

Eddie: They are. Scared of the gamble maybe? All stop here before the gallows. Witches and all.

Gertrude: But is it safe?

Titus: The gamble's not safe, the witches are.

Gertrude goes to the door.

Gertrude: They're bringing them on a cart. The two of them.

Benjamin goes out the door with Gertrude. They rush back, shutting the door.

Benjamin: Quick! They're nearly here! Look natural.

Titus: They can't hurt you.

Getrude: Oh I wish I wasn't here. I wish I wasn't in here.

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