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Doris: Claudia, I'd like you to stay. I know I'm hard to live with. I know I've been a bit bossy. But it's for your own good. Don't you see that? Look! Why don't you stay a little longer, just a few more days, a few weeks, and I'll help you set up your own house, your own home. You'd like that wouldn't you and it would be really nice. Your own garden. Your own set of friends apart from mine. It's just space you need. A bit of space.

Claudia: It's not the house. It's not the garden.

Doris: Somewhere you can call your own. We don't have to be exclusive.

Claudia: It's the river. It's the deep end.

Doris: I can still keep you - give you money. You know that.

Claudia: I don't belong here.

Doris: Money's no problem.

Claudia: (with determination) I don't belong here!

Doris is momentarily taken aback, then:

Doris: I wrote and told your parents. Someone had to. You weren't going to. They just have to accept it.

Claudia: (horrified) You didn't?

Doris: I got a lovely letter back - from your mother. Thank you, she said. Thank you. We're not that way ourselves. Imagine! As if it was hereditary! She's going to write - to you. All the support you need - she said - all the support. Aren't people funny?

Claudia: You wrote to them?

Doris: You haven't got a letter yet?

Claudia: That is awful. That is awful.

Doris: Don't worry. Sit down. Relax. Look, I'll still get you a house. Your own place. We can be... friends.

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