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The women enter with two plates and a few uncooked potatoes. They dump the plates in front of the men.

Timothy: You call this dinner?

Belinda: It's all you're getting.

Edward: This is pathetic.

Ellen: It's all you're getting.

Timothy: This is pathetic.

Belinda: There's a man stuck up the chimney and all you want is dinner. Don't you care?

Timothy: No.

Belinda: Don't you care about someones life? He's got a family and he's stuck up the chimney.

Edward: It's a chimney sweep.

Ellen: It's a poor boy!

Edward: It's a chimney sweep. There's others.

Timothy: We won't be needing one in future any way. We've no fire place.

Belinda: Of course we've got a fire place. Because you board it up doesn't mean to say we haven't got one.

Edward: I want some dinner!

Ellen: Problems don't go away just because you've put a sofa in front of it. The poor man's got a family!

Timothy: You said he was a boy.

Belinda: You can't hide all your problems behind the sofa.

Timothy: Oh God, this is impossible.

Edward: Hysterical women claiming there's a bogey-man up the chimney.

Timothy: I want dinner.

Belinda: Well eat it!

Sudden silence.

Belinda: Eat it!

Timothy: Uncooked spuds?

Ellen: Pretend they're cooked. You seem to have no trouble pretending there's no one up the chimney.

Long silence.

Edward: It's always the same. I want a kid but she says there's too many people in the world all ready. Now the chimney sweep's dead, let's do it.


Timothy: Come on, Eddie, we'll find our own food.

The men exit. Silence.

Voice: (from chimney) Help!

Ellen: Oh dear!

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