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Nigel: Wrong stuff. I said latte.

Annabel: You had cappuccino first time.

Nigel: I said latte.

Jed: Look. If I said I want two budgies to the pet shop man, doesn't mean I want two blue ones.

Katie: Stuff your budgies.

Nigel: I said latte. You mightn't've heard.

Katie: You might've mumbled.

Jed: (to Katie) Stick to your table.

Katie: And yours.

Annabel: (taking cup) The customer's always right, but in your case I'll make an exception.

Annabel exits.

Nigel: (to Jed) I'm Nigel.

Jed: What?

Nigel: You got budgies?

Jed: No. Why?

Katie: Oh for shit sake.

Nigel: Who pressed your button?.

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