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Dingbag: (to Everlasting) Don't you go mixing with Pip or any other nasty common ordinary person again. Remember that you're Princess Everlasting - a Royal Princess. (Looking at tree) Mmm. What's happening here?

Everlasting: We're saving the stories from the Witch who wants to destroy them.

Dingbag: How naughty of you. You know that I've forbidden you to have anything to do with stories. They're lies! Lies! Lies! It's that nasty common ordinary person called Pip that's having this bad influence on you, isn't it?

She begins to hit the Princess with a rolled up newspaper.

Dingbag: You know that I've forbidden stories in this Kingdom. That's why I hired Obnoxious the Witch - to get rid of them.

Everlasting: But if we're not allowed stories, then the Princess will never marry a Prince.

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