There are different cabbages for different seasons of the year. For winter cabbage plant savoy, red, and drumhead seedlings in late summer. They tend to heart up in late winter or early spring. Savoys (with crinkly leaves) are the cabbages generally used in French cooking.

Summer cabbages are ready to eat from midsummer onwards. They are planted in the garden as seedlings in early to late spring and throughout summer itself. Those planted in late summer will be ready to harvest in early to midwinter. Summer cabbages come in a wide range of varieties.

Red cabbages can be planted generally throughout the year.

If sowing from seed, allow 4 to 5 weeks from sowing before planting out in the garden. Liquid feed seedlings every week for the first three weeks after transplanting.

Never grow cabbages in the same place two years in a row.

Cabbages like things well dugged and manured, with half a handful of lime per square metre.

Water in dry weather as they don't like to dry out.

Watch for slugs, snails, and white butterflies.

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