Blackberry Black Satin.

This Thornless Blackberry is an excellent rambling berry of upright canes with serrated green leaves which turn to beautiful dark autumn colours. It produces heavy crops of large glossy black conical fruit with an excellent sweet flavour. Perfect for growing against a fence and can be trellised to create a cover or a backyard feature.

• A late season cropper Mid January to late February.
• Self-fertile.
• Harvest in summer from February to March.
• Once the fruit have full colour leave on vine for a week to get the full sweetness.

Fully Grown Height - 2m
Fully Grown Width - 1.5m
Hardiness - Hardy
Plant Feeding - Feed regularly with a citrus fertiliser
Planting Position - Full Sun
Planting Season - Year Round
Rate of Growth - Medium Growing
Soil Type - Moist
Time to Ultimate Height - 3-4 Years

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