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Player 1: (clapping bossily) Right!

The Players enters.

Player 1: That wasn't bad.

Matilda, Hunter and Rosebud enter.

Player 1: (going berserk at them) What're you doing on? We're still on this bit. You're next! Not yet! BE PATIENT!

Matilda, Hunter and Rosebud exit.

Player 1: (still berserk, calling after them) Patience is a virtue everyone in theatre should learn. There's far too much ranting and raving going on in rehearsals. Things would be a lot better if certain prima donnas practised a bit of patience.(Recovering) Now - where were we?

Jack: We're in the Land of the Giants.

Player 1: Who pressed your button?

Player 2: (aside) You did ask.

Player 1: (looking at script) It's the clowns! Clowns! Clowns! Where are you? The rest of you get off.

The Players exit.

Player 1: Clowns! CLOWNS! Send in the clowns!

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